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A new Hope...?

Started ; Updated Jul 21, 2023

So I have decided to start this blog up again to track my (side) development effort and just have somewhere to brain dump.

I’m going to follow Red Blob Games’ idea1 of making pages that I continually add to and update that are based around a single project or idea and might accumulate views over a long period.

The structure will be organic. These pages will in turn branch off into other pages as the details become enough to warrant a new page like the Learning Rust page in which the project are starting to become pages in themselves. Its a collection of notes rather than a linear blog.

I’m torn about weather I should use google analytics or not. I feel that is more about ego than useful data. But it would be cool to see a HN spike on the graph! Ultimately this site is for me and possibly my son when he is old enough to read, so he can see what was going on in his old mans head.

Updated the font to IM Fell English

After seeing the article A 17th-century font in a 21st-century thesis on Hacker News I hacked the Pelican-Cid theme to use the IM Fell English font from Google Fonts.

  1. Funny that I look back on this blog post now, which I must have read in 2018, and realise that what I took away from that blog post was not what it was about. He saw the cumulative pageview chart as a sign that people ate looking for explanations not explorable wizardry. I saw it was the long game is about accumulating views over a long period. 

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